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Maximize Your Aesthetic Results Through New Concepts in Preparation Design

Joyce Bassett, DDS

Do you ever wonder where to remove tooth structure when prepping a difficult case? Is your laboratory team frustrated at times with the preparation design of your case? Is it difficult to obtain the final esthetics because we removed too much tooth structure here and not enough there? Do you realize your preps are the guide for the final esthetics? Dr. Bassett will present how to simplify difficult space management cases using incisal and labial reduction prep guides, as published in INSIDE DENTISTRY and THE AGD JOURNALand PPAD. These techniques assure predictable and repeatable results. Each participant will prepare an eight unit space management case.

* Participants should bring magnification/loupes and a steady hand.

- To have the knowledge and ability to confidently prepare a difficult space management case.

- Master the concepts of reduction preparation guides and know how and when to use the guides and integrate them with basic preparation design principals.

- Understand how mastering these techniques and marketing the cosmetic results can thrust your practice to the top 1%.

Dr. Bassett offers half-day, full-day, and multi-day lectures, including custom courses.


A New Renaissance in Esthetic Dentistry - Faults, Failures and Fixes

Joyce Bassett, DDS

Mastering The Art Of Aesthetic Dentistry

- Have the knowledge and ability to confidently offer a metal free alternative prosthetic treatment option for complex cases.

- Know what system to use, when to use, how to use and understand the esthetic limitations of each system.

- Understand how composite resin and provisionalization integration can help communicate the final cosmetic result.

- Understand how mastering these techniques and marketing the cosmetic results can thrust your practice into the top one percent.


There is more to a Front Tooth than Looks Alone

Joyce Bassett, DDS

The partnership of aesthetics and occlusion precludes treating anterior teeth as cosmetic challenges alone. Occlusal guidance must be designed to control the intra-oral forces so that longevity of the restorative phase can be achieved. The central incisor will be the starting point in this workshop, which establishes the conditions for lip support, buccal corridor, shape, and arch form. Irregular gingival architecture will be addressed in order to attain superior aesthetics.

- Gain an understanding anterior guidance, CO versus CR, equilibration and VDO as components of restorative predictability.

- Integrate sound occlusal principles to create synergy between form and function.

- Master the concepts of gingival crown lengthening with a diode laser.


Adhesive procedures for the Dental Assistant

Joyce Bassett, DDS

This course is full of information to inform the dental assistant of bonding protocol, digital dental photography, provisionalization, bleaching tray fabrication. Proper patient communication by role-playing and scripting will be evaluated.

- Understanding the many different adhesive systems and their proper uses.

- Master principles of digital photography and turn a complicated camera into a point and shoot device.

- Develop appropriate tray designs for bleaching and Caries control and sensitivity treatments.

- Learn a step-by-step protocol for fabrication of provisional restorations.

- Achieve optimum patient communication so they proceed with the proposed treatment plan.


Overcoming Challenges of Cosmetic Dentistry and Delivering Natural Aesthetics on A Predictable Basis

Joyce Bassett, DDS

This course focuses on proper clinical and patient management for consistent, predictable aesthetics success. Diagnosis, treatment planning, tooth preparation, provisionalization, impressions, laboratory communication, examination and consultation plus patient communication are covered. Clarification and evaluation of aesthetic principles that dictate the essential elements of beautiful smiles will be examined.

- No proper patient-driven approach to achieve predictable aesthetics.

- Use the latest materials in creating predictable aesthetic success from simple to complex cases.

- Implement essential principles of smile design and treatment planning concepts.


Direct Composite Mastering Posterior and Anterior Techniques

Joyce Bassett, DDS

Direct aesthetic restorations are one of the most requested performed procedures in any dental practice today.

- Review current composite materials, bonding systems and techniques for predictable outcomes.

- Master the techniques of composite transitional bonding.

- Restore complex class IV and diastema cases.


Conservative Undetectable Restorations of Teeth: Composite

Joyce Bassett, DDS

Understand the importance of the different dimensions of color and the anatomic stratification techniques to achieve predictable composite restorations. Dr. Bassett discusses and demonstrates techniques to create morphologically precise direct anterior and posterior composite restorations. Shade and material selection, layering, blending, contouring, and polishing to aid in predictable efficiency in your dental practice.

- Learn how to achieve a predictable composite restoration following the stratification of opacities to achieve life like undetectable restorations.

- Manage black triangles and diastemas with direct resin.

- Finishing and polishing techniques that create natural surface texture and reflection.


Mimic Nature with Smile Design Principles

Joyce Bassett, DDS

Most smile makeovers do not begin with straight virgin teeth, they are challenging multi-disciplinary smiles. This course guides you through initial consultation, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

- Achieve natural results by exceeding the elementary rules of smile design to create realistic results unique to each individual patient.

- Learn components of the face, how they correlate to the smile, and which areas of the smile require recontouring.

- Cutting-edge step-by-step techniques including prep design, occlusal considerations, bite registration, impression taking, and fabrication of provisionals.


Caries Risk Assessment

Joyce Bassett, DDS

The main cause of tooth loss today is due to caries. This course will update you on the latest in caries management.

- Identify and assess caries risk profile.

- Develop treatment modalities.

- Formulate a comprehensive and effective treatment program for caries.


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